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Coaching & Leadership

Change requires Leadership & Leadership Requires Coaching

Leadership has been a trending topic in the business world. There are many reasons for this increase interest in leadership. Mainly because leadership inspires, motivates, and moves not only people but organizations forward. It creates a safe positive environment in which individuals excel and prosper. However, how does leadership do it and why? What is the relationship between leadership and change? And, finally, what does coaching offer that increases the effectiveness of leadership within any type of organization?

Why coaching should be part of the education system?

There are several debates and discussions on the quality of the education system locally and internationally. Many educators believe that the current education system does not prepare its students to the “real world.” It is focused on developing a limited number of skills such as reading and writing; while, neglecting other skills that might be crucial to students’ future.

GROW Model

Coaching as a professional practice uses different techniques and tools that allow the coach to effectively partner with the coachee to achieve desired outcomes. During a coaching session, a coach uses the tool that best corresponds to the coachee’s situation and learning style. One of the most effective and useful tools is the GROW Model.