10 Reasons for Taking Coaching Sessions for Individuals
Many may not know when to go to a coach and what are the most important reasons that necessitate seeking help from the right coach. In this article, we will talk about the most important reasons for taking coaching sessions.

10 Reasons for Taking Coaching Sessions for Individuals



Many people are faced with great challenges and difficulties in their lives, which make them in a huge mental wandering about  the right path to take and how to choose the best-fit coach to help them overcome these challenges. Also, many may not know when to go to a coach and what are the most important reasons that necessitate seeking help from the right coach. In this article, we will talk about the most important reasons that make you want and in need for a coach specialized in what you need. 


Our need for self-awareness

One of the main reasons for booking coaching sessions is our need to know ourselves and raise our awareness by means of self-awareness coaching sessions. Many people up to the present time do not know what they need and what fits them the best in their life, and which tools they should use to find themselves, and know themselves from within to complete their path successfully.

For that, it is important for your passion and all your interests to have enough room in your life to be discovered, as many of those who lived and are living a life copy other than theirs have become like those who live on the margins and not living their life as they should live it.

What you love and what you don't love, what you want to do and what you don't want to do, all are important things and aspects for you to know so that you can know your true self from within with awareness and ease. And this is what Coaching Sessions help you with.

Also, our need for talking and having someone to listen to us is very essential. And that’s part of what coaching sessions provide us with actually. Sometimes, we feel disappointed of losing a lot of time talking to someone for hope of feeling better, but mostly it turns out that our talk was in vain; perhaps here you may remember how many people you expected to take your hand and give you help after telling them your issues or problems, but you found out that you wasted your time and perhaps you even discovered that you gave your secrets to the wrong person, and turned out that your search for help turned into a weapon against you putting your life details and secrets in the possession of the wrong person, which he can use against you when needed!

With that said, coaching as a profession holds all that in high regard. The coach here sets high standards even if the goal of the session is just talking, as the coach holds confidentiality in high regard,  keeps private every single detail that was said in the session, and respects the privacy, opinion, and view of the beneficiary to the highest extent whatever they are. The coach does not make any judgments on the problem of the beneficiary or even on the personality of the beneficiary, because he believes that he is human; and a human has flaws, shortcomings, mistakes, and failures like all human beings. The coach then does not judge, but he listens, appreciates, respects, and understands his beneficiary. Also, the professional coach transforms the beneficiary's talk and discharging from an unconscious method as a mere dispersing into a conscious method with a profound impact and benefit for the beneficiary, making the beneficiary want to discharge more, as enabling the beneficiary to move feelings from the inside to the outside helps him be released from a lot of pain and inner suffering. Thus, moving from unconscious to conscious discharging makes the beneficiary be in a state of conscious discharging of all these feelings and that he is doing this for the sake of comfort and inner peace of his heart, not just as a mere dispersing!!

During the session, you will know the difference between both cases and discover it by yourself.


Dealing with life problems (Life Coaching)

There are many problems we are faced with in our lives for which we need solutions in order to get us out of these problems’ shell; and this is one of the very important reasons that makes the beneficiary book coaching sessions of what we call Life Coaching, which helps him overcome these problems with wisdom, awareness, and forethought. In life coaching, the coach will not provide ready solutions or advice for the beneficiary’s problems, but he will rather help the beneficiary with his way of thinking through conscious questions that open his perceptions and make him able to solve his problems himself. This is because coaching is a powerful tool of personal empowerment for the individual to have confidence in himself and believe that he is able to solve his problems by himself, and that he only needs someone to map the right way for him to do that through conscious dialogue and eliciting all the abilities which are dormant inside the beneficiary who does not know how to bring them into surface and how these abilities serve him in many aspects of his life.


Planning and setting wheel of life goals (Wheel of Life)

The wheel of life goals is a very empowering tool for many life needs nowadays. Living in a very large society with a lot of people living singly makes us in need for someone to enlighten us with conscious planning for the wheel of our life on different levels. On the personal level and all that is related to it, we need conscious planning to develop and discover capabilities and direct our capabilities appropriately; we also need that on the health level and how we make a health plan suitable for the health aspect of the person’s life and suitable for him, with the ability to dismantle any false beliefs related to health, etc. In addition, there is also need for that awareness on the familial level and the way of communicating with family or how to achieve harmony with one of family members, and how to find ways to forgive and be free from all the tiring pain. Also another life aspect where the wheel of life works is the social level and ways to communicate with others, getting rid of the restrictions related to loneliness, introversion, or confusion, and the ability of speaking in front of a large audience; and this applies for the rest of the aspects and levels of life according to the wheel of life.

Having a plan for the wheel of life adds balance to your life and makes you flexible by moving between every aspect and working on developing it… Coaching sessions help you create this balance.


Discovering beliefs and clarifying values ​​and their importance (Personal Coaching)

One of the reasons for taking a coaching session is your need for your own personal coaching session that helps you change many beliefs and know your values ​​and work on them. Belief is the unquestionable conviction for the person adopting it. Beliefs, in their basic sense, mean what a person has held firmly in his heart in terms of thoughts; thus, the person believes in them whether they are true or false. In the coaching sessions, through the beneficiary’s conversation with the coach, many of the beliefs that hinder achieving goals of the beneficiary become clear, such as  a person who believes that he cannot not get money but with extreme difficulty, and indeed we find that this person with such belief suffers from financial problems that makes earning money difficult for him. So,  the role of the coach here is to dismantle this belief with specified techniques that will raise the awareness of the beneficiary by changing this belief from ‘It is difficult to earn money’ into ‘It is easy to earn money’. And the same applies for the rest of the falsely internalized beliefs. This is because our beliefs can be formed by us, and they can be stored in the subconscious mind due to the wrong programming, environment, or society in an unconscious and indirect way and then come to surface as a holding-back and wrong belief. It is also a very common belief that life is full of suffering and hardship, and that every person has to suffer and go through hardships in his life to achieve what he wants..and there may be many examples in the mind of this person as a proof that his belief is true, so he enroots and strengthens that belief more and more to the extent that it is firmly rooted deep down him. Here, the role of the coach, through coaching sessions, is to help the beneficiary replace those holding-back beliefs with supportive beliefs that facilitate the beneficiary’s ways of life and expand his thinking potential and horizons.


Values: the key engine (motives, enthusiasm, emotion, actions).

Values ​​differ from one person to another. And being aware of personal values is very important because some believe that their values ​​are inherited or acquired from their partner or parents, which is not the case at all. Values in fact are defined and built based on a person's experiences, circumstances, and his beliefs about many things. On the other hand, being ignorant or unaware of our values makes our vision blurry and unclear, and our awareness of the causes of our problems decreases. For example, a wife may disagree with her husband who spends a lot of time at work and falls short of his family duties; the issue here is that the husband has work as a supreme value, whereas work as a value for the wife may be in the fifth place or more in her values ranking, so she does not see work as much as a supreme value as her husband does, and thus disagreement arises between them and problems continue. On the contrary, when there is awareness on the part of the two parties of the ranking of the values ​​of each of them, things differ a lot, because each of the two parties will appreciate ​​the values ​​of the other and even respects them because he has become aware and conscious of them. Subsequently, it will be possible for the two parties to share common values ​​that bind them and make them in agreement away from personal or selfish bias towards the values ​​of each party. Coaching sessions help you build this harmony and a conscious understanding of the values ​​of each party and how to link them for a successful relationship.


Family Relationships Challenges (Relationship Coaching)

There are many challenges that the spouses are frequently faced with at the beginning of their marriage life or even after a long time passes. They need from time to time to understand their relationship in a deeper way. The role of relationship coaching is to reach and maintain understanding of the role of each partner in this relationship so that they do not reach the stage of separation and a major imbalance in the relationship that makes them in a dead end with no return. The role of coaching here is to raise the awareness of both parties through a conscious dialogue aimed at joint ways that help overcome crises and face challenges in a better and more mature way, where each party understands the other's needs and intellectual nature and all the obstacles that occupy his mind which he/she cannot communicate to the other party in a way that is appropriate for both of them. Also, coaching expands the options for both parties and explores them in a different way that makes each party aware that there is always more than one option to solve the problem and that recognizing that makes the person aware of his problem and expands his options, in addition to understanding the personality of the other and the mechanism of dealing with him/her. This is because a person inside the event may often have an unclear view which results most of the time in not understanding the other. On the contrary, if help is sought from an ‘outsider’ (not involved in the event) –assuming that he is a professional coach-   the picture becomes easily clear and understood for all parties.


Besides spouses challenges, the children  and adolescents challenges as well pose many problems that would impede their lives and their careers progress. The good news is that coaching covers almost all life aspects and age groups, as there is specialized coaching for children and adolescents that helps simulate their ideas and expand their options and perceptions to reach with them and their parents ways to deal with their thinking, level of awareness, and abilities; as one of the most important causes of most of reckless or undesirable behavior in some people may stem from one or both parents, coaching here raises the awareness of parents before that of the child or adolescent, because the more a parent knows the ways of how to deal with their children, through dialogue and developing their children’s abilities in the desired manner, the more kindness,  love, and friendship exist in the circle of communication between them, and the more the relationship becomes based on valuable and solid foundations and good education with a brilliant future for them.

Financial planning  (Business Coaching)

Setting goals to help achieve financial abundance is one of the many important things to take coaching sessions for, as money plays a big role in our lives, and ways to earn or make money and manage it in a smart way need us to be fully prepared for that.

In addition, we need to expand our mind's perceptions of money beliefs and everything related to thought obstacles about money and how to convert them into facilitations for financial wealth mindset.

Even planning to start a new project makes many people confused in their ideas and do not know where to start, how they will start, or what obstacles they will be faced with, and how they will overcome them, and many other questions that pop into the beneficiary’s mind who owns the project.

The coaching sessions here are able and designed to help you with the success of your project while studying all the risks and returns of profit for you by a Business Coach coach specialized in business coaching.


Raising self-confidence

One of the problems that constitute a major obstacle facing the progress of many people is the lack of self-confidence, as self-confidence is a major factor in driving a person to develop in many aspects.


Self-confidence means a person's belief in his abilities, talents, capabilities, and all the gifts that God has granted him. Accordingly,  people have to believe that they are strong and brave enough such that this inner faith appears on their actions and deeds; thus they act boldly. For example, a person who believes that he is successful and capable of making success, he behaves according to this feeling, and surrounds himself with an aura of feelings that support him and push him towards positivity, and free him from the feeling of fear and dread of failure, a feeling which he attributes to weak self-confidence, a kind of helplessness that a person does not accept for himself, and even unaccepted by the religion; in a Hadith narrated by Imam Muslim, the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, says: " The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer" [Sahih Muslim].


You may ask yourself here, how many times have you set several goals but you have not been able to achieve them due to the lack of self-confidence and due to an inner inability within you that prevented you from reaching what you want or from achieving those goals you had set for yourself ?

How many times have you been affected by others' criticism and felt frustrated and disappointed at yourself ? And in fact that criticism may not reflect your true you! But jut due to the weakness of your inner confidence, you believed everything that is said about you and become defeated deep down you day after day.

And even if that criticism reflects your reality, if your self-confidence is high and strong, you will see that criticism positively as a motivation for you to progress and a chance for  learning that you can benefit from to develop and improve yourself more. 

These are few examples among other losses and psychological conflict and struggle that may affect you because of your weak self-confidence.

Coaching sessions here help you build your self-confidence, support you in creating the exact personality you want to be, and push you to move towards what you want to change.


Determining the academic or job specialization (career coaching)

Many students struggle during their high school graduation period in choosing the academic major that is most appropriate for them, which makes them constantly confused and hindered from thinking about what is appropriate for them and what is not. Unfortunately, many students may waste a year or two or even more to discover that they have enrolled in a major they do not like and that the major they have chosen is not their passion that leads to achieve their ambition and goals. And this can end in tow ways most of the time, either they try to re-enroll in another major, or they leave because the circumstances and finance situation do not allow them to study a new major; thus, they just continue the journey as it is and try to find a job (just living hand to mouth), and goes to work daily until they reach a stage where they cannot stand the daily work which consumes their effort and time with tremendous psychological pressure. And finally, they either resign or move to another plan, which may be for example going to a professional coach specialized in Career Coaching.

 Also, your professional inclinations determine the extent to which you enjoy the work you do. The more closely the work you do aligns with your inclinations, the greater the opportunity for development and excellence in it become, and the farther away it is from your inclinations, the more likely it is that you will not continue it or develop yourself through it.

Your session with a professional coach helps you take advantage of each year of your life with a specialty you love and achieve an inner passion that you have which will in turn make you continuously develop in your career or academic path with confidence and move forward wherever you want.


Our need for change and development (Coaching for change)

Also, one of the reasons why we take coaching sessions is our need coaching for change. The only constant thing  in life is change. The environment, society, circumstances, etc. are all very important factors in bringing about change in your life; and if we don’t keep pace with this change constantly and significantly, we will be left behind and will not have the opportunity to obtain the advantages of that change with full conscious renewal and openness.

Continuous development also works to make radical changes in your life. It is very important for the person who is interested in change to be in a continuous development cycle that makes him rise day after day; therefore, continuing to develop anything helps form a daily habit that will bring about the desired development at all levels. .

One of the laws of change and development that helps you in this is the law ‘the simple step’. This law encourages you to do a simple step towards your goal every day, no matter how simple this step is, it will undoubtedly take you after a month or two to a satisfactory result for you and reach the goals that you have always dreamed of.

In coaching sessions, coaching helps you with the mechanism of this law and how it eliminates a large percentage of procrastination in your life, and helps you build new effective habits that serve you and raise your level of development day after day.

Decision making coaching

Sometimes it is difficult to adjust our decisions with something we really want, but because of our hesitation or high pressure from a family member, a friend, or whoever, it makes us live in a cycle of not knowing the right decision to make. Here, you can  summon how many important things in your life you have to make a definite decision about, but you cannot make that decision for a reason or another, whether it is fear that the decision will not be correct and regret it afterwards, or high hesitation due to fear of venture or risk to start a new thing, or not getting used to making a complete decision of any kind, or because of a failure experience you had  in one of the decisions in the past and the reflection of a weak mental image of yourself about your failure to make other decisions, besides other reasons for hesitation that prevent you from assuming making the right decision for yourself.


In fact, coaching here does not help you make your decision 100% correct. Its real role is to raise your awareness by improving the quality of your decision and helping you build inner self-confidence about making this decision in a way that is satisfactory to you. Many believe that their decision must be very correct and free of the slightest mistake. This is not true indeed, as decision-making is based on a person’s belief from within about what he desires. For example, a family member may make a decisions which other family member may see as wrong and absolutely rejected, while this person within his family sees that it is in his interest to make this decision because of the benefits that he will accrue in the future which the rest of his family are not aware of. For that, coaching does not classify the decision into a right decision and a wrong decision. Rather, there is a full awareness of the quality of decision-making and what are its dimensions and consequences that will serve this person or harm him in the appropriate manner for him. This type of coaching is called Decision-making coaching.


These were the top 10 reasons why you need to take coaching sessions, and there may be other reasons other than those, but the above-mentioned points are the most requested ones in the field of coaching.. We would like to point out that coaching is not a therapeutic process and is not specialized in psychological disorders, as it deals with normal people to find solutions for  their problems and challenges without addressing any psychological treatment practices; and whenever the coach discovers that the beneficiary has some psychological problems, the beneficiary shall be be recommended to consult a psychologist or counseling psychologist.