coaching course advanced

Advanced Coaching Course

Ø  Brief: with this course, you will learn in more details and depth on the ICF Core Competencies. Also, you will learn and practice other skills to become a skilled and professional coach.

Ø  Description: this is an interactive course in which you will learn and implement in order to ensure that each lesson is understood as a concept and as a practical technique. The course contains a number of group and self-practice activities in order to develop the required knowledge and skills to become a certified and professional coach.

Ø  Course Content:

o   Topics include:

§  Learning the ICF Core Competencies in details and more depth

§  Establishing trust and rapport with the client

§  Effective communication

§  Smooth learning and achieving goals

§  Creativity in meeting the client

§  Active listening

§  Using your intuition and its signs

§  Providing effective feedback

§  Strong and smart questions that inspire deep thinking

§  Creative thinking skills

§  And so other things

o   Models:





Ø  Duration: total of 40 hours

o   Course attendance and activities: 40 hours (6 days in person/8 days online)

o   Homework and daily assignments: 5 hours

Ø  Certificate: the practitioner certificate is from Octarium accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Ø  Requirements:

o   Prerequisites: passing the Level I: Foundation Coaching Course

o   In order to pass Level II, you must:

§  Attend the full course

§  Complete all the assigned homework

§  Submit two recorded coaching sessions to be reviewed by a certified coach and to pass

§  Submit a transcript for one of the recorded sessions

§  Read 10 study cases and articles in coaching and present your feedback of 2 cases.