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 In Octarium, we provide a set of distinguished and diversified services that serve businesses to achieve goals that are in line with the vision and mission of the organization

Through our experience, we design special programs for businesses based on the needs and requirements that support leaders and the organization in general towards positive change that contributes to raising performance, productivity, and creativity, which will enable the organization transform to the maximum level of achievement and success.

Corporate Services 

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Coaching sessions support the business sector to raise the individuals’ and collective performance and productivity through raising awareness and responsibility.

Thus, a positive, creative, and renewable work environment will be created. According to research and practical studies on the impact of coaching on businesses, they confirm the effectiveness of coaching sessions on the organization significantly, and coaching generates useful outcomes, including:

  • Knowing your strengths as a leader and those of the team and how to invest them in the best way;
  • Increased cooperation and teamwork
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved relationships at work and raising the level of communication
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Raising the level of creativity and finding solutions
  • Increased financial returns and productivity

Therefore, coaching sessions are deemed the best support for leaders and the businesses as coaching sessions help set goals, whether getting rid of problems, increasing customer satisfaction, providing innovative products or services, or any other relevant goals.

For that, coaching help you develop a practical, effective, and stimulating plan that achieves the goals. Thus, the leader and the organization achieve the desired performance,
productivity, and a distinguished work environment.

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All scales help you get to know yourself and your team in a better way. The scale score shows you important details such as personality types, behavior patterns, strengths, and areas of improvement. Thus, the scales enable you as a leader to know hisself and know your
 work team members to be able to develop and implement practical steps that result in a cooperative and harmonious work environment and raise the performance level.
DISC Assessment
Emotional Intelligence (EIQ)
DISC 360 Assessment
Recruitment Employee Scale (WPS) 

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Octarium enables you to design a program for your company and your work team by communicating with our work team that will study the needs and requirements, and then design a program for you that includes all or some of the services provided by the Center in line with the goals you want to achieve.

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When adopting the culture of coaching, organizations need a trusted party to contribute to the transformation quality towards this entrepreneurial culture. In Octarium, accredited with our specialization and history, we represent the ideal and the
 most professional partner who can contribute to achieving this goal

Establishing Coaching Department in the organization and its organizational structure, in addition to the accurate supervision.

Accurate selection of job applicants (Internal Coach) and assuring the suitability of certificates and competence.

Assessing coaching practitioners within the organization and presenting recommendations to increase the efficiency

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We provide the professional training that contributes to the growth and sustainability of development in the work environment. The fields which our training services cover include
Training on Qualifying an Accredited Coach

Training on Developing the Culture of Coaching
Leadership Coaching

Teacher Coach

Specialized Training

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