Octarium Center is the first Saudi center accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) since 2015. The center provides a variety of services aimed at developing the human and creating positive change for people both inward and outward. We are proud that we have a group of professionals and specialists, each in their field of specialty, who are continually providing our high-quality services to our valuable clients.

We are also proud that we have entered into and provided research partnerships in coaching with prestigious universities such as Harvard, and we also have partnerships with major providers of coaching services and tools, and provided human resources support for various organizations.

Our method is characterized by simplicity, high quality, and its flexible adaptability to clients through providing our services, whether training, sessions, consulting or assessments, and through professional techniques that focus on the beneficiary’s goal, whether to develop performance, increase sales, improve quality, or delve into the depth of the problems which employees and managers are faced with in organizations.

For individuals, we use modern techniques that are implemented during the coaching process which help raise the awareness of the beneficiary to stimulate his latent energies in pursuit of his goals, both personal and professional.

Our story began when we saw companies’, organizations’, and individuals’ need to bring about a drastic change to solve problems and overcome challenges to achieve goals and raise the level of productivity and performance.

Accordingly, we focused on providing distinguished services such as coaching, which has proven its effectiveness and its worth in the business sector and for individuals as well around the world.

Coaching has proven its utility as it has gained a well-established reputation in improving the quality of life in many countries in Europe, the United States of America, and other countries of the world.